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Fishing At Cle Elum Lake In 2024

AKA: Cle Elum Reservoir

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By AA-Fishing Staff Writers

Fish species to fish for...

Guide to fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, lake trout, cutthroat, kokanee, sockeye salmon and burbot at Cle Elum Lake in Washington.

Cle Elum Lake, WA

Primarily a trout lake, Cle Elum Lake is a 4,800-acre lake in central WA, 10 miles northwest of the town of Cle Elum. The lake also has populations of salmon and burbot. There are a little over 20 miles of shoreline, and the lake is at an elevation of 2,223 ft above sea level.

The purpose of this page is to deliver an overview of this lake, the fishing options, and area amenities. Our goal is to provide info to first time visitors, as well as beginner and novice anglers. We gathered details from personal experience, numerous trusted websites that each offer select bits of information, and videos of fishing activity on the lake. These websites include the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, marinas at the lake, campgrounds, boat rental agencies and others. By consolidating this information to one page it allows visitors to see the entire picture, all in one place.

Lake Video

Cle Elum Lake in Washington is a picturesque destination that offers a fantastic fishing experience for anglers of all levels. The lake is known for its abundant fish population, making it a popular spot for both recreational and competitive fishing. Popular fish species found in Cle Elum Lake include kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, lake trout (Mackinaw), and smallmouth bass. These species provide a variety of angling opportunities, from trolling for kokanee salmon to targeting trophy-sized lake trout.

April through October are the prime fishing months. There are several camping areas around the lake, including the Wish Poosh Boat Launch & Campground. During late summer when the lake levels are drawn down, the ramps become inaccessible. Anglers will find plenty of shoreline with public access for fishing from the bank all along the eastern side of the lake. Some of these areas are suitable for portage of a canoe or kayak, based on water levels. There is a store, boat rentals and lodging at the lake.

Cle Elum Lake in Washington is a haven for fishing, boating, and camping enthusiasts. With its diverse fish species, excellent boating opportunities, and nearby camping options, the lake provides a well-rounded outdoor experience. Whether you're angling for kokanee salmon, cruising the calm waters by boat, or spending a night under the starry sky at a lakeside campground, Cle Elum Lake offers abundant recreational opportunities for visitors to relax, appreciate the natural beauty, and create lasting memories.

Fishing Boats For Rent In WA

Primary fish species residing in Cle Elum Lake

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Rainbow trout Cutthroat trout Brook trout Brown trout Lake trout Kokanee salmon Sockeye salmon

Cle Elum Lake Amenities

Marina: NO
Boat Rental: YES
Boat Launch Ramp: YES
Campgrounds: YES
RV Hookups: YES
Lodging: YES
Convenience Store: YES
Bait & Tackle: NO
Restaurant: NEARBY

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Boating is a favored activity at Cle Elum Lake, allowing visitors to explore the expansive waters and access prime fishing locations. The lake permits both motorized and non-motorized boats, providing anglers with flexibility in their boating choices. From powerboats to canoes and kayaks, boaters can navigate the serene waters, uncover hidden coves, and find the best spots to cast their lines. The calm atmosphere and breathtaking mountain views enhance the boating experience at Cle Elum Lake.

Fishing Boat Rentals

The Last Resort
Rentals: Pontoon boats, canoes and kayaks
509 649-2222

Public Boat Launch Ramps & Landings

Speelyi Beach Boat Launch Ramp
Located in the southeast corner of the lake, off Lake Cabins Road, this is a two-lane, concrete ramp with a dock and paved parking.

Wish Poosh Boat Launch Ramp
Located mid lake, east side, off Salmon La Sac Road, this is a three-lane, concrete ramp with paved parking.

Click here for a Washington fishing license.

Camping options near Cle Elum Lake offer the perfect opportunity to extend the outdoor adventure and immerse oneself in the natural beauty of the area. Several campgrounds are available, offering a range of amenities and picturesque settings. Camping near Cle Elum Lake allows visitors to fully appreciate the tranquility of nature, wake up to stunning views, and enjoy easy access to fishing opportunities throughout their camping trip.

Campgrounds & RV Parks Nearby

French Cabin Creek Recreation Area Campground - 509 682-4900

Red Mountain Campground - 509 852-1100

The Last Resort RV Park - 509 649-2222

Dry Creek Campground - 253 273-3001

Wish Poosh Campground - 509 649-3744

Cle Elum Lake WA Map - Fishing & Camping Areas

Contact Information

Cle Elum Lake
The Last Resort RV Park
14254 Salmon La Sac Rd
Ronald, WA 98940
509 649-2222


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