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Guide To Fishing At Bonny Reservoir

AKA: Bonny Lake

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Fishing for bass, walleye, crappie, catfish, wipers, and panfish at Bonny Reservoir in Colorado.

Bonny Reservoir, CO

With over 2,000 surface acres and 15 miles of shoreline when full, Bonny Reservoir will provide plenty of fishing and well as boating and other water recreation. However, Bonny Reservoir is currently dry - no fishing or boating until the lake is once again filled.

Nestled in the eastern plains of Colorado, Bonny Reservoir is a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts and outdoor lovers. When refilled, this serene reservoir offers a tranquil setting and abundant fishing opportunities. Anglers can expect to find a variety of fish species in its waters, including walleye, largemouth bass, crappie, and catfish. The reservoir is particularly renowned for its walleye population, attracting anglers seeking the thrill of reeling in these prized game fish. With its calm waters and ample fish population, Bonny Reservoir provides an ideal fishing experience for both beginners and experienced anglers alike.

Beyond its excellent fishing, Bonny Reservoir also offers options for boating enthusiasts. Visitors can bring their own boats or rent them from nearby facilities to explore the expansive waters of the reservoir. Whether you prefer leisurely cruising, water skiing, or simply enjoying the scenic views from your boat, Bonny Reservoir provides a serene and picturesque setting for all types of boating activities.

For those who wish to extend their stay, the reservoir offers camping facilities that blend harmoniously with the surrounding natural beauty. The campground provides a range of amenities, including tent and RV sites, picnic areas, restrooms, and showers. With its peaceful atmosphere and breathtaking views, camping at Bonny Reservoir allows visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the outdoors.

Bonny Reservoir, with its exceptional fishing opportunities, boating options, and serene camping facilities, offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts in Colorado. Whether you're casting a line, exploring the waters by boat, or enjoying a relaxing camping trip, Bonny Reservoir provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing you to connect with nature and create lasting memories in a truly picturesque setting.

Bonny Reservoir Amenities

Marina: NO
Boat Launch Ramp: YES (5)
Campgrounds: YES (200)
RV Hookups: NO
Lodging: NO
Concessions: YES
Bait & Tackle:
Restaurant: NO

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Closest Campgrounds & RV Parks

Wagon Wheel Campground - 800 678-2267

Bonny Reservoir CO Map - Fishing & Camping Areas

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Contact Information

Bonny Lake State Park
CO Div. of Parks & Outdoor Recreation
30010 County Road 3
Idalia, CO 80735-9674
970 354-7306


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Bonny Reservoir in CO.

No fishing available at this time.

Bonny Reservoir, fishing lake in Colorado.