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Enjoy Quality Bass Fishing At Obregon Lake (Oviachic) In Mexico

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Mexico bass fishing information, map and directions.

This 20,000 surface-acre lake is located in the state of Sonora, south of Arizona. It is approximately 25 miles long and has a tremendous bass population which grows fast and feeds on tilapia which are abundant in the lake.

Travel To Obregon - Lake Oviachic

From Tucson, Arizona travel south on Mexico Highway 15 through Nogales, Hermosillo and Heroica Guaymas to Esperanza (which is approximately 10 miles before reaching Cuidad Obregon). Turn left on the road to Obregon lake. It is approximately 20 miles to the lake from this point.

Approximate distance from USA border: 450 miles

Approximate travel time from US border: 9 hours

Map To Obregon - Lake Oviachic
Bass Fishing At Obregon - Lake Oviachic

If you like to catch lots of big bass, this is a great place to visit. It has a reputation of delivering plenty of four to six pound bass virtually any time of the year. While this lake is not turning out monster bass, ten pounders are not uncommon. For the most part, the fishing is focused on shallow water. At times the fish will be on structure in deeper water.

Big Mexico Bass - Dan Westfall
Dan Westfall with a typical big, Oviachic bass.

Latest Fishing Report Obregon - Lake Oviachic

December 12, 2011 by Dan Westfall

I just returned from 14 days in Mexico. I planned to fish all of the days but because of inclement weather I was not able to. We started out driving to Hermosillo Friday the 25th of November. We had a 27ft 5th wheel towing a 21ft Triton bass boat so stopping for the night along the way was not an easy task. I remember that there was a RV park just as you entered Hermosillo owned by Fausto Garcia and I e-mailed him to set up our reservations for our big rig. His RV Park is This worked perfect and he had a lot of room and we settled in from the night. Fausto and his son both speak English and made us very comfortable by bring power over to our big rig for the night.

Saturday morning we pulled out and worked our way through Hermosillo going through the downtown part of the city trying to avoid the police on the bypass. We loved being in Hermosillo on a Saturday because there was no traffic. Bobby Meyer my fishing partner for this trip and I arrived at Oviachic around noon.  Angel who owns the place came over and got us all set up and hooked up to water and power. We went fishing for a couple of hours over to the Dolly Parton area and were disappointed with the fishing. The lake is a little lower than last year and the water temp was in the high 60s and lower 70s we had noticed that there was a lot of water pooled up along the highway and Angel said that there was a big rain storm on Thanksgiving day.

Sunday the 27th of November we went fishing for our 1st full day we drove all the way to the river all the way to the 2nd El Capitan and were very disappointed with our findings. We fished about 4 hours in my favorite part of the lake with only catching a few fish on spinner baits and lizards. The rest of the day we fished back to 3 sisters and finally around 5pm we went in. I am now really concerned about our fishing vacation because this is not good fishing at all. We might have caught 25 bass our first day. We noticed this day that the weather was cold and the wind was blowing in from the north all day and that kept up for 3 or 4 days some times very hard. Monday morning brought cold weather and wind and our fishing was not any better so we moved around a lot looking for something better and that did not happen.

Tuesday morning brought wind and rain out of the north but we went out anyway and tried something closer so we started in the Dolly Parton area and that was not good but I had caught a 6.85 largemouth and we flipped a few way back in where we had done good last year but eventually the rain became worse so we went in for the day. The next day Wednesday blew hard so we stayed in the 5th wheel and drove each other crazy. Thursday we went up to the 1st El Capitan area and had a decent day finding an area in the back of a very large cove that had some good sized Buzz Bait fish and we caught about 50 good fish up to 5 lbs. This evening drive in was bad wind and took its toll on our bodies fighting the waves. We are really struggling finding any consistency to what the bass are doing there is tilapia everywhere and the water is in great shape but it has been very cold and wintry and with the storms around the barometric pressure is somewhat to blame.

Friday thru Monday is about the same around 50 Bass a day and we are really slowing all of our presentations down. One of the things we noticed was that if you fished Lizards all day you could catch 100 fish but the size was not what we were looking for (lots of 8 to 14 inch fish) so we fished mostly Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits and weedless jigs and that helped the quality a lot. We had a couple of fisherman show up during these last few days Eric and John and they have never been to Oviachic before but with some guidance from Rich Winston as to where to fish Rich even took them out and showed them the area they should fish they had 3 great days of fishing deep diving crank baits in that area of the lake. The crank bait bite was great for the few of the fishermen who had them but I am not very excited about this bite I don’t even bring crank baits when I go fishing.

Tuesday the 6th of Dec. things started to get better the Bass started to get more active and they started to chase your lure better. We caught about 80 bass this day and thought that the bite was coming on strong and hoped that wed and Thursday would be our best fishing days. We thought that we had 2 areas that would be strong and that was the case as Wed was awesome with lots of 3 to 4 lb bass on spinner baits and Jigs. We caught about 80 bass again on wed. Thursday was by far our best day as we fished mostly Jigs and Spinner baits and Lizards with Jigs our best by far for quality. We ended the trip pretty strong with the weather and fishing greatly improving we caught well over 100 fish our last day mostly fishing between 3 sisters and the 1st El Capitan area. I had 2 fish over 6lbs a 6.85, a 6.70 and Bobby had a 6.65 and a 6.40 not a lot of 5 lb fish but lots of 3 and 4lb bass. Maybe this isn’t the best time to fish for big fish but catching these fish on buzz baits, spinner baits and jigs makes it fun for sure. The weather the last 3 days was great and we ended on positive note fishing. We drove home Friday and cant wait till February for bigger bass.

Angel told me that I should get a Sonora Only permit in the future at Empalme and if you don’t have any issues with your old permit like still being on your window it will go smoothly. But we did have a permit on our window and had to go get in line when we arrived at the 21 km stop and return our year old permit. After that it took us an hour to get a Visa and go pay for it and then take it back to the Visa office to have it stamped. Then when that part is done you have to go back in line and wait another hour to get your 6 month permit. If you only have a 7day Visa you can only get a 7 day permit. If you decide to go to Empalme for your permit get your visa first at the 21km stop.

Dan Westfall 04-12-2011

All I can say is wow what a trip. I know there lots of rumors but this is what happened to us. Someone from our group attempted to cross the basin at Oviachic at the worst time and without everything (bilge pump) working. The boat took on water and stalled out and could not re start it. Someone attempted to toe it in but because of large waves could not do it or they would have been in the same position. Someone took the boat owner and his passenger in to the ramp safely. The boat was set free to drift. I was asked not to write about the rest of the story so I won’t.

The one thing I want to talk about is being prepared (the Boy Scout stuff I learned years ago) this lake can be very dangerous at times and it is capable of major problems to someone who isn’t ready for the dangers. Running out of gas while coming in could also be a major problem.

Another boat that had issues. Someone attempted to tow them in and the toe boat took a huge wave over the front. It also stalled out and they couldn’t continue to tow. This Good Samaritan had to set his boat loose and get a ride in with someone else. This makes 2 boats out on the lake in the basin drifting free. Luckily this boat was found the next morning but not without damage. This boat because of how much water it had taken on could be a total loss.

Swamped Boat on Oviachic

This needs to be a major lesson learned. Please don’t ever attempt to cross this dangerous basin when windy without having some contact to a buddy who can help if needed. Always pack extra water and food because these issues wouldn’t ever had happened if they would have waited until the wind let up or waited until morning to come in. Obviously it is impossible to toe a boat in these waves so don’t try it; you might be able to toe it with the waves to safety behind 3 sisters. If we wouldn’t have had someone to help get these fishermen to safety we would be talking about even more serious issues. These were about 5 ft waves at 5pm and they were mean but at 6:30pm when I came in they were laid down and easy to come in.

Dan Westfall with a nice Oviachic Bass

The bass fishing was about what I expected mostly up past the 2nd El Capitan and back towards the Virgin Mary. The lizard and worm bite was the best for numbers and we did manage to get a few big fish a 9.4 oz with a picture a 8.6 a 7.14 and a 7lb lots of good bass around 5 lbs. I thought that the spawn might have started again because the large amount of water being used for irrigation was slowed down and we noticed some movement of bass to the coves. We caught bass in lots of depths but the 10ft to 20ft depths was the best. The best fishing was from large schools moving around and if you were at the right place at the right time it was lights out and some nice big bass with them.

Other wise it was spinner baits and lizards and flipping in the bushes around the openings to the spawning coves. It’s amazing how many bass live up in the river end of this lake. We didn’t do as well all the way up the river because we didn’t like the color of the water and the amount of bushes that were in the way to the shoreline. We did notice lots of eggs in the bass when we filleted them and I expect a huge spawn happening now.

Thanks to all who helped bring in the boats and had taken all passengers to safety. Angel was a big help to us and I thank him for that.

Click here for additional information on Obregon lake.

Jim Roxburgh, March 22, 2011 (via Dan Westfall)

My records for the past few years shows that "winter" fishing after the New Moon leading to the Full Moon has been by far the best for me. I also know that when any opportunity presents itself to fish Obregon-- I take it. I, Dick McBlane and Howie Clark just returned after 3 days (3/18-19-20) at Obregon during the Full moon.

9.8 lb bass caught by Adam
Adam shows off a nice 9.8lb bass from Oviachic.

The "word" around the marina was fishing had slowed considerably since the past weekend along with size". The weather was excellent with no wind. Water temps in the river ranged from 75-77 in the morning to 79 by early afternoon.

3/18 Up the river. Great early morning flip bite in shaded areas. Fish holding tight in shoreline brush. Size: 1-3 lbs and skinny. Rest of the day the bite slowed and had to move a lot Caught 3-7+.

3/19 Same as above except the bite stopped around 1030. Moved quite a lot w/not much success. Full moon jinx I suspect.

3/20 Super morning bite up the river, smaller fish. Bite slowed after 9:00 but caught fish all day and size increased w/most being 3-6lbs.

Our expectations were much higher but, compared to fishing Roosevelt we had a great trip. I have to blame it on something (other than our skills) so I choose the super Full Moon (fish feeding at night) and the spawn slowing down. Mike Kearney and group arrived the day before we left and I'm interested to read his report as fishing should have picked up.

I store my boat at Alexs' covered parking area during February and Mar so no problems w/the local banditios (Hermosillo police). We did have one issue though at the US border. When we handed over our passports one of us mistakenly grabbed our wives' passport before we left home. The Agent was understanding and used the individuals drivers license to verify identity and passed us through.

Finally, as usual, Angel was the ultimate host and continues to provide the best dinners at his restaurant. Going back in April.

Darrin Gray, March 11, 2011

Darrin Gray - 7.75 Mexico Bass
Darrin Gray with a 7.75 lb bass from Obregon.

I had the opportunity to go to Oviachic this last week with My dad (Dale Gray), and my brother Sam. Also present were Jim Hamman and Delwyn and Gary Bradshaw in their boat.

Dale Gray with a 10.0 bass
Dale Gray shows off a nice 10.1 lb Obregon Bass

Monday afternoon, we got on the water at about 3:00 pm. There was LOTS of wind, so we ducked around behind the mountain and fished the points
West and South of Dolly with spinner baits and plastics. We caught lots of smaller 2-3 lb. fish with a 5 and a 6 pounder being our biggest for the afternoon. The fish we caught showed little or no sign of spawning activity.

Tuesday, we went way upriver, and and started catching fish right away. The big ones were up, and we caught a LOT of fish all day. It was non stop action with my dad catching his personal best on a Spinner bait that went 10.1 lbs. He also caught an 8.5, and a 7 pounder

Sam and his 6.5 lb Oviach Bass
Sam Gray with a nice 6.5 lb Oviachic bass.

I caught 2-7 pounders, and a 7-3/4 that day with Sam beating his personal best at 6 lbs even. We found the fish on main lake banks, and on the sides of coves. They were definitely bush related, but were willing to chase our lures. We threw Spinnerbaits most of the day, with 6- or 7 fish being caught on a buzz bait 1st thing in the morning.

The other boat did better than we did. Delwyn caught a 10.4, and (if I remember correctly, They also caught 2- 8.5 pounders, and several 7- pounders).

Wednesday, we fished in the same area. The bite started out a little slow for us, (almost no wind at all) but got better and better all day. We ended up flipping and pitching plastics to the trees as it seemed to us that the fish were not chasing like they were Tuesday. Sam threw the spinner bait in the afternoon, and did pretty well. We boated 3 fish over 7 lbs, and had several BIG ones break us off in the trees. Around mid day, My dad and I spooled up with 65 lb. Power pro,(Thanks for the info Danny and Jim ) and were able to wrestle them out of the bushes a lot better. We still caught a ton of fish, but not as good as Tuesday. We found the fish were in the usual places, but holding tighter to cover.

Thursday morning, we went up by 2nd lunch rock, and started catching lots of 2-3 pounders After a couple of moves, catching smaller fish, we went further up river and started whacking the the larger ones on spinner baits. the fish had moved all of the way into the backs of most coves. They were REALLY aggressive to the spinner bait. It seemed that the were pairing up to some degree, because catching one, almost guaranteed that you would catch another out of the exact same spot. We ended the day with a TON of fish with virtually no break in the action. we caught 3 over 7 lbs. that day, and Sam got his Personal best at 6.5 lbs if I remember correctly. I didn't get a detailed report from the other guys, but knowing them, they caught more than their share.

We ALL agreed, that this was our best trip to Obregon EVER!! I can't wait to go back.

Ned Smith February 20, 2011

Just got back from Lake Obregon.

13 lb Mexico Bass caught by Ned Smith
Ned Smith with a nice 13# bass from Obregon

Caught it on our 1st day of fishing, on the 15th, up in the river. My best bass ever in Mexico or anywhere bass fishing! I have fished almost all the lakes in Mexico going on 45 years! My son Wayne still has me beat with a 13 1/2 pounder out of El Salto so now I need to catch a 14 pound or bigger!

10lb 7oz bass from Obregon
Ray Addington with a 10-pound, 7oz Obregon bass

Ray Addington caught his best fish on Obregon this trip also going 10.7 pounds. He has caught 2 bass at Baccarac over 11 pounds.

We average from 70 to 150 bass per day on lizards and spinnerbaits. I did hook another giant bass that came up and spit out my swim bait and he was in the 10+ range as we saw him on top of the water.

Dewlyn Bradshaw, his son Derrick and Delwyn's brother in law were there same time and one day they told us they caught 260 bass using lizards ------- they are excellent lizard fishermen and I don't think anyone can beat them in numbers - they 're that good!

Obregon is the best I ever seen it for catch lots of bass and some really big bass mixed in. The bass club should get the credit with the stocking of Florida bass and killing thousands of coma rants that eat tons of fry and small fish every day in the lake.

I believe just like you ------ a 15 pound bass will soon come out of Lake Obregon.

We will be heading back down March 14 - 18 April 11 - 15 May 2 - 6 Have rooms booked. It will get hard to get a room with all the bass being caught and the word getting out. Hope to see you down there or talk with you on the phone.

February 9-14, 2011 by Dan Westfall

Fished 4 days.

Eleven pound bass from Obregon Lake in Mexico
Mike Kearney with his 11.0 lb bass

I keep on talking about Lake Oviachic near Obregon, Sonora and I feel like I have the lake to my self. Not many anglers have been able to experience the beauty and fishing that has grown to the type that Baccarac and El Salto have been bragging about for years. Well now friends this lake Oviachic is world class and deserves the respect of a truly great Bass lake. I have fished these other lakes and can honestly tell you that this fishery is better because how the fish are caught. These fish don’t just turn on for a couple of hours a day.  These fish bite great for most of the day and for me I love catching giant bass on spinner baits and lizards all day long. From what I witnessed last week catching over 100 bass a day most over 4 lbs great numbers over 6 lbs some 7s and a few 8 – 9- 10lb giants then throw in a few 11s and some 12lb bass and I am sure this year we will see some over 15lbs.

I  feel very confident these weights are good because I have caught a lot of these sized bass myself and used a quality scale to confirm the weights. I cannot confirm the numbers of fish caught because it is too hard to keep tract of the numbers when you are 64 years old. We catch a lot of fish, my brother Kevin who is almost 20 years younger than me says he caught almost 200 fish in his boat 2 days in a row last week hell I cant count that high without a calculator. You ought to try and stand all day and catch these big fish when you are old, thank God for Motrin - it works wonders it helps you sleep too.

We fished mostly up the lake in the river about a 40 min ride by boat and you might see a couple of boats up there when you go but after fishing for a few hours without starting your big motor you think there is nobody around because it is so quiet. You don’t need to run around just find an area you like and fish all day long. We start about 6:30 am and finish about 6pm wears out most fishermen. I have made it 9 days straight but this time I was almost wore out after 4 days. It’s hard bringing in all of those big fish.

The bass are in a full spawn and if you fish shallow and throw shallow weedless stuff you will catch lots of bass I don’t care where you go its great. It seems that most of the bass follow the Tilapia so with that info find the gill nets and you are in the best areas. The gill nets are a pain in the butt, the areas with the most gill nets are where I fish, and I find better fishing in these areas. If you think you need to have all the right colors and combinations of spinner baits you are wrong same with lizards and worms I really think any color or combination right now will do. One thing is if you don’t have a good bait caster that can handle braid either 50 lb or 20 lb mono or fluorocarbon you better borrow a few because there is way to much brush in the water that likes to eat your line and break off that giant you are after.

Angel has taken care of us like he said he would and has built a brand new road to the bottom launch area, you will be impressed and let Angel know that you really appreciate his hard work to fix up the place so I can keep going when I get old. We had a great meal in the restaurant the last night and didn’t have to cook one and I was so tired and was in bed at 8:30. Water temp in the morning was 56 degrees and was around 62 in the afternoon when we started but it warmed up to 60 in the morning and 68 in the afternoon the last couple of days.

Weather & Average Temperatures

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All travel into Mexico from the United States requires a passport for entry into Mexico and return to the United States. If you are traveling by vehicle you will be required to have proper vehicle registration and drivers license. If you bring a boat, proper vehicle registration will be required for both the boat and trailer. Make certain all documents are current.

Mexico insurance is also required for travel in Mexico.

For fishing in Mexico, a Mexican Sport Fishing License is required. Additionally boating permits may be required to fish Obregon - Lake Oviachic lake in Mexico.

Mexico Bass fishing at Obregon, Lake Oviachic


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Bass Fishing in Mexico At Obregon Lake (Oviachic).

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