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Enjoy Quality Bass Fishing At Obregon Lake (Oviachic) In Mexico

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Mexico bass fishing information, map and directions.

This 20,000 surface-acre lake is located in the state of Sonora, south of Arizona. It is approximately 25 miles long and has a tremendous bass population which grows fast and feeds on tilapia which are abundant in the lake.

Travel To Obregon - Lake Oviachic

From Tucson, Arizona travel south on Mexico Highway 15 through Nogales, Hermosillo and Heroica Guaymas to Esperanza (which is approximately 10 miles before reaching Cuidad Obregon). Turn left on the road to Obregon lake. It is approximately 20 miles to the lake from this point.

Approximate distance from USA border: 450 miles

Approximate travel time from US border: 9 hours

Map To Obregon - Lake Oviachic
Bass Fishing At Obregon - Lake Oviachic

If you like to catch lots of big bass, this is a great place to visit. It has a reputation of delivering plenty of four to six pound bass virtually any time of the year. While this lake is not turning out monster bass, ten pounders are not uncommon. For the most part, the fishing is focused on shallow water. At times the fish will be on structure in deeper water.

Big Mexico Bass - Dan Westfall
Dan Westfall with a typical big, Oviachic bass.

Swamped Boat on Oviachic

This needs to be a major lesson learned. Please don’t ever attempt to cross this dangerous basin when windy without having some contact to a buddy who can help if needed. Always pack extra water and food because these issues wouldn’t ever had happened if they would have waited until the wind let up or waited until morning to come in. Obviously it is impossible to toe a boat in these waves so don’t try it; you might be able to toe it with the waves to safety behind 3 sisters. If we wouldn’t have had someone to help get these fishermen to safety we would be talking about even more serious issues. These were about 5 ft waves at 5pm and they were mean but at 6:30pm when I came in they were laid down and easy to come in.

Dan Westfall with a nice Oviachic Bass

9.8 lb bass caught by Adam
Adam shows off a nice 9.8lb bass from Oviachic.

Darrin Gray - 7.75 Mexico Bass
Darrin Gray with a 7.75 lb bass from Obregon.

Dale Gray with a 10.0 bass
Dale Gray shows off a nice 10.1 lb Obregon Bass

Sam and his 6.5 lb Oviach Bass
Sam Gray with a nice 6.5 lb Oviachic bass.

13 lb Mexico Bass caught by Ned Smith
Ned Smith with a nice 13# bass from Obregon

10lb 7oz bass from Obregon
Ray Addington with a 10-pound, 7oz Obregon bass

Eleven pound bass from Obregon Lake in Mexico
Mike Kearney with his 11.0 lb bass

Weather & Average Temperatures

Information is currently being gathered for average monthly temperatures and precipitation. This information will be posted at our earliest convenience.


All travel into Mexico from the United States requires a passport for entry into Mexico and return to the United States. If you are traveling by vehicle you will be required to have proper vehicle registration and drivers license. If you bring a boat, proper vehicle registration will be required for both the boat and trailer. Make certain all documents are current.

Mexico insurance is also required for travel in Mexico.

For fishing in Mexico, a Mexican Sport Fishing License is required. Additionally boating permits may be required to fish Obregon - Lake Oviachic lake in Mexico.

Mexico Bass fishing at Obregon, Lake Oviachic


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Bass Fishing in Mexico At Obregon Lake (Oviachic).

Order the bass fishing book written by Mexico bass legend, Dan Westfall and Rick Seaman.

Travel Warnings

Any time you travel outside the USA, be aware that you are subject to local law governing the area you are to visit. As a general rule, travel to lakes in Mexico is considered safe. However, there are reports of unrest and violence between competing drug cartels, and Mexico law enforcement. Most of this activity in confined to areas away from the bass fishing lakes. Some of the border towns and population centers in Mexico experience higher than normal levels of crime and violence. Often, American border town information centers can advise regarding cartel activity in neighboring Mexico border towns. It is always best to caravan, stay on the main highways and be aware of what's going on around you.